Welcome to DMCA Enforcers 

We protect our clients from the unauthorized use of their intellectual property on the internet.


 We are a unique business model that enforces the internet to insure your  copyrighted material is not given away for free without your consent.

We can help you remove material that could be harmful to you when applying to college or for a new job...

Password and user account exploitation is one of the largest issues on the internet and we can help prevent it.





We enforce your intellectual property rights so you don't have to 

We work worldwide

Any Copyrighted MaterialsIncluding








Our services include: 

Free consultations

Searching for your print, audio, videos  and images on pirate sites & file servers

Preparing your DMCA notice

Sending out all of your DMCA notices

Monitoring the removal of links


  Topic Two

On an as needed basis, we contact , ICANN, The FBI, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, Twitter & MySpace to make sure we have established procedures for removing natural search results on the basis of your DMCA

 We send your DMCA letters out in English and/or translated into the appropriate language


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